About the company

Introteknik AB is specialized in cost effective paints for refurbishments. Our paint systems are suitable for maintenance of nearly all types of rusty metal surfaces and constructions.

The company was founded in 1980 by Mr Lars Kjellberg, who is the current CEO and majority shareholder. It has developed a unique range of rust protection systems which covers every need in maintenance of rusted steel, iron and tin sheets through its own product line and in co-operations with companies as Akzonobel, Engwall & Claesson and Tikkurila Oy.

Our clients include governmental bodies such as The Swedish Transport Administration, The Swedish Maritime Administration and The National Property Board of Sweden. And we have supplied rust protection solutions for the roofing of many of Sweden’s historical buildings such as royal castles or industrial heritages, exampling old lighthouses or wire rails used in the early industrialization of Sweden, as well as welded iron monuments or ornaments throughout the country.

Our export has been to the USA in gas industry, international shipping vessels, bridges in Australia and infrastructure throughout South America. And we are currently expanding in the mining industry with a new product range being introduced in the Isotrol MasterSeal system.

The base of our systems is our unique product Isotrol Primer which enables us to present solutions without the need for sand blasting as pre-treatment.

Our paints are accepted as traditional systems for protection of culturally valued objects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide cost effective rust protective paint systems without the need for sand blasting. Thus providing big cost cuts in application and great economical savings in the long run for our clients.

Isotrol Primer simplifies the maintenance so that it can be done easily by machine treatment or by hand, for small patches of corrosion or for full re-painting of objects like steel bridges. An optimal solution both protects the environment and make savings on our use of natural resources.

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