Industrial rust protection

Many are of the opinion that 2-component paints always give a longer lasting protection than 1-component alkyd paints. But we have proved through extensive testing that this is not necessarily the case. The difficulty in getting good results with conventional epoxy- and polyurethane paints are the degree of cleanliness needed in pre-treatment. This degree is often impossible to reach on objects in need of maintenance and not newly produced, or in factory environment. Rust is often present even though not visible for the naked eye. Our solution to this is Isotrol Primer, an oil alkyd which is included in all of our different categories of rust protection system.

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Through our own product line and in co-operation with leading European manufacturers like Akzo Nobel and Tikkurila Oy we can provide high performing rust protection systems for every kind of objects and surfaces.

The choice of which system to use must be done with a rationale including everything from application costs and time as well as the sought life span of the paint system. Our oil alkyd system is suitable for complex structures but require more coats to reach a life span comparable to those of a single coating by 2-component paints.

On riveted surfaces, in joints or similarity complex structures 2-component paints can have a hard time wetting and sealing all crevices. In cases such as those our Isotrol Alkyd system is preferable and might even give a longer lasting protection than would the use of our hybrid system.

If you are unsure which category of system that suits your object best don’t hesitate to consult us. Factors that weigh in are; how the object is constructed, what the length of time in between maintenance is, how much time can be set off for application of the paint? And in addition to that environmental issues such as; how corrosive the atmosphere is that surrounds the object, which chemicals that the surface is exposed to, if there will be mechanical wear of the surface and if there is movement in the construction? These are questions you need to be able to answer for us to assess your object. With pictures off-course making the assessment easier.
For bigger projects a consultant in anti-corrosion is recommended.

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