Isotrol Hybrid system

System example with three coatings: Isotrol Primer, Isomastic, Temadur 50.

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The Isotrol Hybrid system is comprised of three paints:
    • highly wetting and surface tolerant oil alkyd paint with unique properties enabling the system to be applied on rusty surfaces. High viscosity and penetrating abilities make this primer fill out pores, cracks and crevices in earlier paint layers, in the rust or in the construction of the object, like rivets, joints or weldings. Creates an ideal surface for top coats

    • a two-component high-solids, aluminium- and iron oxide pigmented modified epoxy paint. Creates a dense and thick surface coverage as a barrier for environmental impact.

    • a two-component, semi-gloss polyurethane paint, used as top coat for a more gloss surface, or in chemical environments. Good gloss and color retention. It is a durable, easy-to-clean and non-chalking. Can be tinted to most color refraction systems, NCS, RAL etc.

The combination of Isotrol Primer and Isomastic is unique and makes it possible to use this highly durable 2-component epoxy in tough environments without the need to sand blast or treat the surface to the same degree of cleanliness.

Examples on usage:

Application workflow:
The surface is primed with Isotrol Primer until the surface is saturated and a thin glossy layer is visible. Excess primer is then wiped of with a damp cloth. Isomastic is applied with the number of coats required to reach the chosen thickness and create a compact surface protection. Top coating is either done with Isomastic or Temadur 50 depending on choice of color or the surrounding environment in the location of the object. Read our technical data sheets and system specifications for more explicit information.

Through the surface tolerant Isotrol Primer perfect results are reached even when the surface can’t be sand blasted or ground or brushed to conventional degree of pre-treatment cleanliness (Sa2 or similar). Only a water blasting treatment with a min. pressure of 70 Mpa, or steel brushing to St2. Manual washing by hand is usable for minor objects or private customers.

The simple pre-treatment often makes the Isotrol Hybrid system the most cost effective alternative when compared to the price of competitors system solution. Savings of the Isotrol system has been shown to be up to 33% of the total cost when compared to a system requiring sand blasting!

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