Isotrol MasterSeal system

System example in two coats: MasterSeal Primer® green and MasterSeal M689 red.

Video example of usage:


An ideal solution when a flexible coating is needed, when exposed to high mechanical wear, or stresses in the paint layers occurs due to movements in the construction.

The Isotrol MasterSeal system components:

  • highly wetting and surface tolerant oil alkyd paint with unique properties enabling the system to be applied on rusty surfaces. High viscosity and penetrating abilities make this primer fill out pores, cracks and crevices in earlier paint layers, in the rust or in the construction of the object, like rivets, joints or welding. Creates an ideal surface for top coats. Only used when pre-treatment is not sand-blasting.

  • high solid 2-component epoxy. Zinc pigmented for greater corrosion protection. Highly durable and chemically resistant.

  • flexible, solvent-free, two-component liquid plastic compound for highly abrasion-resistant coatings in wear protection applications. Can be applied wet to wet in coats up to 10 mm thick. The surface can be stressed after 4 hours, and dries in 30 min.

Application workflow:
If the surface is rusty it is primed with Isotrol Primer until the surface is saturated and a thin glossy layer is visible. Excess primer is then wiped of with a damp cloth. On new constructions or if the surface is rust free MasterSeal Primer or MasterSeal M689 can be applied as a one coat solution or combined as a system. If applied on top of Isotrol Primer use the combination of MasterSeal Primer and MasterSeal M689 to get the required coat thicknesses decided for the object. Read our technical data sheets and system specifications for more explicit information.

Examples on usage:

flotation tanks, wheel axis, platforms, transport carriages in railroad or mining industry.

The system can be repaired by hand in spots more exposed for wear for a longer total life span.

Through the surface tolerant Isotrol Primer perfect results are reached even when the surface can’t be sand blasted or ground or brushed to conventional degree of pre-treatment cleanliness (Sa2½ or similar). Only a water blasting treatment with a min. pressure of 70 Mpa, or steel brushing to St2. Manual washing by hand is usable for minor objects.

By combining Isotrol Primer with its surface tolerant and penetrating properties with the powerful wear, and chemical resistance, protection of the MasterSeal product line a unique system is achieved. With fast application times on hard to clean surfaces and a short time for hardening and drying the maintenance or painting can be done with a minimum of stoppages in production.



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