Example of maintenance of old gantry crane at Olidan water power plant with Isotrol Oil Alkyd system

System: Product: Thickness:
Primer: Isotrol Primer 30 µm
Intermediary: Classical red lead 60 µm
Top coat: Isoguard Pansar 160 µm
The gantry crane at Olidan water power plant is one of many culturally significant historical objects that have been painted with red lead and is situated in environement sensitive to spills from the lead of the paint being close to waterways and rapids in a wood land area. For objects like these it is cruicial to collect old paint subsidues or encapsulate them by covering them with new coats to prevent the red lead paint to spread to surrounding environment.

Since the object has a historical cultural value new coats of classical red lead (86% solids) was used and provided by Introteknik to be included in the Isotrol Oil Alkyd system used.

The cleaning method used was water blasting and steel brushing to preserv as much of the old red lead paint as possible, providing it still had good adhesion to the surface. This was to minimize the spread and spill of old paint flakes and residues. The surfaces was primed with Isotrol Primer until thourougly saturated. An intermediary coat of red lead followed by an barrier working cover coat with Isoguard Pansar was applied. And two finishing coats of a different colored Isoguard Pansar was used as top layers. Originally it Isotrol Finish was planned as a top coat, but during application a change was made in favor of keeping Isoguard Pansar as a finish due to its lower gloss and more classical looks.

Te read more about the maintenance of the gantry crane at Olidan see the report in Swedish…

Spot reinforcement with red lead

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