Isotrol Hybrid system used for maintenance of bridges, Värnamo, Sweden

System: Product: Thickness:
Primer: Isotrol Primer 20 µm
Intermediary: Isomastic 110 µm
Intermediary: Isomastic 110 µm
Top coat: Temadur 50 40 µm
The bridge over the canal in Värnersborg called “Karls Grav” is a swing bridge. The canal is part of the larger “Göta kanal” which has been an important infrastructure for Swedish transportation of goods from the inland towars coastal areas.
Surfaces of the bridge where primed with Isotrol Primer to saturate rusty areas, and fill cracks and crevices. An intermediary coat of Isomastic a 2-component epoxy was applied. The top coat is with Temadur 50.

The more rivets and joints that make up a bridge the harder it is to clean and the more areas there is where 2-component paints can reach. For these constructions our Isotrol Alkyd system have proven to give a better protection than 2-component systems with epoxy or polyreuthane due to the complex construction.

Boden bridge re-painted with Isotrol Alkyd System.

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