Isotrol Hybrid system used on off-shore platforms, Cap froward, Chile

System: Product: Thickness:
Primer: Isotrol Primer 12-15 µm
Intermediary: Isomastic 100 µm
Intermediary: Isomastic 100 µm
Top coat: Temadur 50 50 µm
Areas off-shore or near the coast of Chile are among the most corrosive environment there is (Corrosive class C5 Marine). The exposure to sun, sea salts, water and wind make it important to both have coats of Isomastic that are thick enough and to use a top coat of Temadur 50 to get a finish that is more resiliant to atmospheric and chemical resistance. The use of Temadur 50 also enables the use of strong signal colors to distinguish the object in the environment. It has good color retention and do not chalk.

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