Maintenance of wrought iron windows at the old Swedish National Archives, Stockholm

System: Product: Thickness:
Primer: Isotrol Primer 20 µm
Intermediary: Classical red lead 80 µm
Intermediary: Isoguard Pansar 80 µm
Top coat: Linseed oil paint 30 µm

The old Swedish National Archive is part of the cultural heiritage of Stockholm. When due for maintenance the choosen system were selected for an exceptionally long lasting protection. The treatment required antiquarian considerations in both aestetics and method because of the cultural value of the building.

The classical red lead and lin seed oil top coat are here used because of the historical importance deemed for the object. The red lead lead can be replaced with Isoguard Pansar, using two intermediary coats in total, and Isotrol Finish which give a higher gloss and better color retention.

Red lead and Isoguard Pansar

The window sash were dismantled and sand blasted. Window frames were steel brushed clean. The system used was a variation of the Isotrol Oil Alkyd system. Poores in the sand blasted surfaces was treated with Isotrol Primer after which the whole of the surface was painted with the same primer. An intermediary coat of classical red lead (86% solid content) was applied. This was covered with Isoguard Pansar which is important to encapsulate the red lead paint and protect it, should any damages to the top coat occur. The Isoguard Pansar coat protects underlying coats through its iron oxide pigmentation that creates a durable barrier. A top coating was given using a traditional linseed oil paint which is the paint historically used in Sweden for similar objects. This gives it an classical and antique aestetic preserving the looks.

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