MasterSeal M689

MasterSeal M689 was previously sold as RELEST® Protect 352 PUR-Guard. It is a solvent free 2-comp polyurethane with very fast hardening time. Can be applied in extremely thick coatings, up to 10 mm if necessary. MasterSeal M689 provides a flexible surface that is very durable for impacts and abrasion and can replace rubber linings. Used in heavy industry for surfaces exposed for corrosion as well as mechanical wear. Examples include rail carriages and axis, flotation tanks in mining process. Hardens in 30 min and can be loaded as fast as after 4 hours.

The quick drying and hardening time make it possible to make maintenance applications even with short intervals for production stoppage in process industry. Combined with Isotrol Primer sand blasting of rusty surfaces, or aged paint coats, can be left out enabling fast and economic rust protection maintenance costs.

In combination with Isotrol Primer and MasterSeal Primer GreyGreen it make up the Isotrol MasterSeal system.

The product require professional handling, knowledge and skill to be applied appropriately. Check your countries legislation’s for work or handling with allergen causing products. Technical and security datasheets should be read before usage.

Technical Datasheet – Safety Datasheet – Harderner

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