MasterSeal – Aitik quarry, flotation tanks, Boliden

Application: Product: Dry coat µm:
Primer: MasterSeal Primer GreyGreen 20 µm
Intermediary: MasterSeal M689 Red 200 µm
Top coat: MasterSeal M689 500 µm

MasterSeal M689 was previously sold under the name of RELEST® 352.

Anti-corrosion maintenance in the mining industry is something of an extra challenge. Not only is it often highly corrosive environment but also one subjected to high wear from mechanical forces by machines or heavy loads. It is also often moist or damp environments with salts, both factors that accelerate corrosion.

What make anti-corrosion maintenance most challenging is the high costs that comes from stoppages in the production line. The time set aside for maintenance, pre-treatment and painting is limited and are to be done in a couple of days at the most.

One object especially impacted by high mechanical wear are the flotation tanks that separates minerals, stone and slag from each other. Previously rubber had been used to line the machine components. But since the method was not satisfying an alternative was sought after. We recommended a product from our partner BASF, RELEST® Protect 352 PUR-Guard which is now called MasterSeal M689.

The properties of the product enabling it to be applied very thick in one application and the flexible and soft surface the paint has was reasons for us to suggest it as an alternative to the rubber being used. The soft and flexible surface of the coat being highly advantageous handling the wear from stones grinding the surface. Drying times are 30 min and hardening before load bearing capacity is used only 4 h.

Tests where done and the results where very satisfying. See the video below for more information.


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