RELEST Marine 377 ZM

MasterSeal Primer GreyGreen was previously sold under the name RELEST® Marine 377 2K-EP-Primer ZM. It is a highly corrosion resistant 2-component epoxi primer. är en mycket korrosionsresistent 2-komponents epoxi grundfärg. Old paint coats and rusty surfaces are primed with Isotrol Primer which enable a long lasting protection without the need for sandblasting or grinding of the surface. The simplification of cleaning pre-treatment lowers the total cost of maintenance in both short and long terms. And the unique combination of the highly wetting properties of Isotrol Primer with the high corrosion resistance of MasterSeal Primer give you a long lasting protection even with simplified pre-treatment and in highly corrosive environment.

MasterSeal Primer contains corrosive inhibiting zinc and have a high solid content (above 80%).

Top coats: Isomastic and Temadur 50 or MasterSeal M689.

The product require professional handling, knowledge and skill to be applied appropriately. Check your countries legislation’s for work or handling with allergen causing products. Technical and security datasheets should be read before usage.

Technical datasheet – Security datasheet – Hardener

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