The Isotrol Hybrid system used for maintenance of freight ship Hamen, Norway

System for hull: Product: Thickness:
Primer: Isotrol Primer 12-15 µm
Intermediary: Isomastic 100 µm
Intermediary: Isomastic 100 µm
Top coat at water line: Anti-fouling 60 µm
The vessel Hamen is an old freight ship from 1950 that was taken out of traffic in 1985. As part of the shipping history of Norway interest has been to preserv the ship. When re-painting was due the Isotrol Hybrid system was choosen. The ship was brought in to dock and was water blasted. Sand blasting was not an option and the reason that Isotrol was used. The use of water blasting removes old paint with poor adhesion as well as clean the surface from salts, dirt and grease.

The surfaces were primed with Isotrol Primer to saturate poors in the surface and fill cracks, crevices and cavities due to rust or in the old paint. Intermediary coats of 2-comp epoxy, Isomastic, was used and a finish with anti-fouling paint was used for surfaces below the water line.

The decks and inside of the ship was treated with the Isotrol Oil Alkyd system.

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